Dexterity is skill in using your hands, or sometimes your mind.

...Reid's dexterity on the guitar.

...the wit and verbal dexterity of the script.

English dictionary. 2008.


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  • Dexterity — Dex*ter i*ty, n. [L. dexteritas, fr. dexter: cf. F. dext[ e]rit[ e]. See {Dexter}.] 1. Right handedness. [1913 Webster] 2. Readiness and grace in physical activity; skill and ease in using the hands; expertness in manual acts; as, dexterity with… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dexterity — index competence (ability), efficiency, facility (easiness), faculty (ability), gift (flair) …   Law dictionary

  • dexterity — 1520s, from M.Fr. dexterité (16c.), from L. dexteritatem (nom. dexteritas) readiness, skillfulness, prosperity, from dexter skillful, also right (hand) (Cf. O.Fr. destre, Sp. diestro, etc.), from PIE root *deks on the right hand, hence south to… …   Etymology dictionary

  • dexterity — facility, ease, *readiness Analogous words: dexterousness, adroitness, deftness (see corresponding adjectives at DEXTEROUS): expertness, adeptness, skillfulness, proficiency (see corresponding adjectives at PROFICIENT) Antonyms: clumsiness… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • dexterity — [n] aptitude, ability address, adroitness, aptness, art, artistry, cleverness, craft, cunning, deftness, effortlessness, expertise, expertness, facility, finesse, handiness, ingenuity, knack, know how, mastery, neatness, nimbleness, proficiency,… …   New thesaurus

  • dexterity — ► NOUN ▪ skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands. ORIGIN Latin dexteritas, from dexter on the right …   English terms dictionary

  • dexterity — [deks ter′ə tē] n. [L dexteritas, skillfulness, handiness < dexter: see DEXTER] 1. skill in using one s hands or body; adroitness 2. skill in using one s mind; cleverness …   English World dictionary

  • dexterity — n. 1) to demonstrate, display, show dexterity 2) great; manual dexterity 3) the dexterity to + inf. (does he have enough dexterity to cope with a job like that?) * * * [deks terɪtɪ] display manual dexterity show dexterity great to demonstrate the …   Combinatory dictionary

  • dexterity — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ great ▪ manual VERB + DEXTERITY ▪ demand (esp. BrE), require ▪ Video games require great manual dexterity …   Collocations dictionary

  • dexterity — dex|ter|i|ty [dekˈsterıti] n [U] 1.) skill and speed in doing something with your hands ▪ Computer games can improve children s manual dexterity . 2.) skill in using words or your mind ▪ his charm and verbal dexterity …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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